What is Escape Lock?
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Escape lock is an emergency escape lock, also called the fire escape lock, which is a kind of escape device. In China, at present there is no specification country or the industry standard, when use or in architectural design, we often use Europe standard, American standard, etc. Such construction hardware may be a bit strange to many domestic people, if you are interested in or are looking for such products, you can refer to the following simple introduction, which may help you.
  1. Applicable Range
It is applicable to flat-open doors, metal doors, framed glass doors (evacuation doors) and fire doors.
2. Basic Requirements
a. In the fire and all kinds of emergency to ensure many people in buildings can quickly and safely flee.
b. Escape to outside with only one action and the user even without experience of using escape device can open it.
3. Standards
a. European Norm (EN): EN1125, EN1634;
b. American National Standards Institute (ANSI): ANSI A156.3;
c. Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL): UL 10C.
4. Components
a. bolt;
b. push rod (or press rod): its length should be greater than or equal to two-thirds of the door wide.
c. accessories: can choose a handle or lock without locking function or a hand with locking function (including a complete set of lock of hand)according to specific needs or requirements, it can also not be installed.
5. Types
Escape locks can be classified into various types according to different functions: base on the feature there are emergency escape and fire escape lock, and they are very different from each other; according to the appearance design it is classified into the push rod type (horizontal pushing type) and compressive bar type (down); according to the structure there are public-installed, insert-core, with the public-installed-bolt and private-installed-bolt type; according to how much are the lock points it can be single point lock, double lock and three lock type; according to whether have alarm there are mechanical and alarm escape lock, which can still be divided into independent alarm, linkage alarm, access control type alarm lock, time-delaying type alarm lock.
6. Functions:
a. Protect the safety of life: in the fire and all kinds of emergency situation to secure a large number of people within the building and make them leave quickly and safety. For space of more than 100 individuals, the lock should be installed to escape an emergency exit door.
b. Security: on the premise of securing personnel life safety within the building, safely lock outside door, which has both anti-theft function and also has quick evacuation function in a state of emergency; of all the functions of escape lock, in the room when going out, as long as the press the push rod can retract all the lock tongue to open the door. Fire doors should be applied with the fire escape lock, which cannot be equipped with a lock tongue retraction locking function.
What is Escape Lock
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