Quality Control
TOP Lockers has the professional quality control department and establish the complete quality assurance system. We carry out the system in all procedures and processes of production and management, ensuring to provide good quality to all customers.  We provide several kinds of tests for locks and lockers:
1.    Test for locks
1)    Adhesion test
2)    Anti impact test
3)    Anti-Solution test
4)    Glossiness test
5)    Torsion test
6)    Chromatism test
7)    Endurance test
8)    Thrust test
9)    Hardness test
10)    Vibration test
11)    Metal plating salt spray test

2.    Test for lockers
1)    Anti impact test
2)    Pressure test
3)    Torsion test
4)    Anti stress test
5)    Falling ball impact test
6)    Product drop test
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NO.31 HouShanTou Rd, GuanKou, JiMei, XiaMen, Fujian, China. (OEM Factory & ODM Center)
86-592 6369978

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