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Top Lockers is proud to insist environmentally friendly policy. We guarantee to minimize the pollution in whole process including production, transportation, utilizing and scrapping.
Eco-friendly in production process
Top lockers' raw materials are ABS engineer plastic, no any metal parts. Materials are recycled. We use plastic injection skills to make all parts, mix the colorful toner into raw materials to get colorful doors. Never need spray coating to avoid pollution.
The pollution from Traditional metal lockers and wooden lockers is as following:
Metal lockers: Using sulfuric acid in phosphating to remove the rust.
Spray coating to avoid corrosion.
Wooden lockers: Destroying woods; Using Formaldehyde for anti-month-eaten;
Spray coating to avoid corrosion
Eco-friendly in transportation process:
DIY design for customers' installing because of the mortise and tenon joint structure. All the lockers are Dismountable for saving-cost shipping. The disadvantage for traditional lockers is need much more space for placing entire locker sets.
Eco-friendly in utilizing process:
DIY by customers in destination. Without any screw for installing to decrease the labor cost; In install manual finish the assembly high-efficiently and easily.
The disadvantage for traditional lockers is heavier to move difficultly.
Eco-friendly in scrapping:
ABS engineer plastic is recycled materials to minimize the pollution.
The traditional lockers will pollute environment after scrapping or recycle processing.
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