Materials and Technologies of Intelligent Locks
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Following is an an overview on the materials and technologies of intelligent locks.

Stoving Varnish
Spray several layers of oil paint on the substrate being grinded to a certain roughness (usually a high-density plate) and then baking through a high temperature. This technology has a high demand of oil paint which should have good color rendering. Its advantages are bright-colored, which has very strong visual impact, good surface finish, easy to wash, moisture proof, fire prevention performance, which belongs to a kind of high surface technology.
The disadvantages are therefore obvious - heavy and complicated craft, too high cost, which may clear up the final price of consumer goods; poor wear resistance, which can severely affect its design feeling and will influence the service life of the intelligent lock - the hardware durable goods.
Electrostatic spraying is a spraying method which takes advantage of negatively charged particles under high voltage electrostatic field to move in the opposite direction of the electric field direction, and adsorbing the coating particles on the surface of the work piece. Electrostatic spraying equipments are consisted of spray gun, cup and electrostatic spraying high voltage power supply, etc.
By such wear-resisting and durable technology, price will be more appropriate. But there may be not smooth surface texture, which has certain visually influence, and has limited resistance ability towards environment.
Plating process is one of the most familiar surface processes, a surface processing method which makes the kation desired of metalized depose on the surface of metal substrate through electrolysis. The operation is simple, cheap, and common electroplating chromium can bring good hardness and bright color and lustre. But its corrosion resistance is not as good as other processes.
The Newest “windmill” Technology
As a kind of very distinctive and new technology, windmill process has been used for intelligent locks and other products. Add the float type aluminum slurry in diluted organic material to form a hammer paint color and gorgeous lustre. Texture paint surface is like a hammer pattern after being hit on the iron plate, and also like the windmill grain going through harsh environment test, which is currently the most tenacious and durable surface technology with stability and environmental adaptability.
Different materials and process are for different product positioning to meet the various needs of more consumers. More appearance of new technology is also the driving force of industry progress.
Materials and Technologies of Intelligent Locks
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