Plastic lockers used for hot springs can be intelligent
Posted: 07/16/2018 02:07:41  Hits: 3
In recent years, we can see a variety of large and small plastic lockers that are neatly arranged in many public places such as gymnasiums, hot springs, swimming pool, etc. These plastic lockers are used for storing temporary items and clothing for consumers who come to these public places. These plastic lockers in the rest areas are arranged by serial numbers. Generally, the consumers will get a wristband with a corresponding number at the front desk. Then the customers will go to the plastic locker area to find their own lockers and to put their things in the plastic lockers. Now, we often see lockers made of plastic material in these places, because plastic lockers are more waterproof and moisture-proof, and they can be used for ten to fifteen years. After the arrival of intelligence, our life has indeed changed a lot. So how do we make the plastic locker more intelligent so as to make the consumer more convenient?

In fact, we can see that some gyms already have intelligent access control and gates. As long as the consumers make an appointment on the mobile app, they can get a way to enter the gym. It doesn't involve any staff. And the facial feature of the person will be directly collected and saved on the phone in order to be identified in some areas. Members can easily open their plastic lockers by this way. No staff is involved in the process, which is completely intelligent. Members in the gym can exercise easily, and their moods won't be affected by complicated procedures. I hope that plastic lockers will be more and more intelligent in public place, so that more consumers can experience the fun brought by intelligence in the future.

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