Maintenance Work for Plastic File Locker
Posted: 08/05/2015 11:28:56  Hits: 399
File lockers are widely used in offices, besides the wooden, steel and glass lockers, the plastic lockers now are also common. So, it is necessary for office worker to learn something about how to maintain the plastic file lockers

Plastic file lockers have good practicability, but we had better not put some heavy things on them. After all, they are made of plastic and have fragility in different degrees. Meanwhile, as other office furniture made of different materials, plastic file lockers cannot expose to sunlight for a long time. Because plastic lockers will be swollen and unglued, which will accelerates the aging of lockers and shorten their service time, no matter how excellent the material is.

Besides the pure plastic file lockers, there are also some file lockers made of wooden but with a glued plastic surface. In order to prevent the plastic surface from being swollen and unglued, we can varnish the surface. In that way, it can not only be proof moisture, but also can extend the using time of the lockers. 

As for the binding part, we can clean it with lacquer thinner, and then use the adhesive in unglued part. At the same time, after the adhesive is dried, we had better varnish the binding parts. However, the idea is wrong that every kind of glue is suitable for office furniture. For example, the white latex adhesive is not suitable for bonding furniture for its poor water resistance. 

In fact, there are other maintenance methods for plastic file lockers besides the above. It is necessary for customers to learn and master these methods actively.
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