Precautions for ABS Plastics Performance Test
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Performance test is through the automated test tool to simulate a variety of normal, peak and abnormal load conditions for test each performance index system. Here are five performances of ABS, which should be considered during the test:

1. General performance
The appearance of the ABS is opaque ivory aggregate, which is non-toxic, tasteless, and the bibulous rate is low. Its products can be painted into all sorts of colors, and with 90% high gloss. ABS has good combination with other materials, and it is easy to printing, coating and plating surface treatment. ABS oxygen index is 18.2, so it belongs to flammable polymers. Its flame is yellow with black smoke, which can be burnt without dripping, and can issue a special cinnamon.

2. Mechanical performance
ABS has excellent mechanical property and impact strength, which can be used at very low temperatures. Even if the ABS products are damaged, it may just be some tensile damage and impact will not be destroyed. The ABS has good wear-resisting performance, dimensional stability, and oil resistance, which can be used for the bearing under medium load and rotating speed. Its creep property is bigger than PSF and PC ABS, but smaller than PA and POM. ABS bending strength and compression strength is poor among other plastics. The mechanical property of ABS is greatly influenced by the temperature.

3. Thermal performance
ABS is amorphous polymers without no obvious melting point; high melt viscosity, poor liquidity and weather resistance, and ultraviolet ray can make the color change; thermal deformation temperature is 70-107 ℃ (about 85), the products can improve around 10 ℃ after annealing treatment. It is more sensitive to temperature and shear rate; when under - 40 ℃ ABS can still show some toughness and can be put in 40 ℃ to 85 ℃ temperature range for long-term application.

4. Electrical performance
ABS has excellent electric insulativity. It is barely influenced by temperature, humidity and frequency, which can be applied to most situations.

5. Environment performance
ABS cannot be influenced by water, inorganic salt, alkali-alcohol and varsol solvent and other sours. But it can dissolved in Ketone, Aldehydes and Chlorohydrocarbon, and it will have cracks resulted from the corrosion of acetic acid and vegetable oil.

 Precautions for ABS Plastics Performance Test
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