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Top Lockers Company Held Year-end Banquet
Posted: 03/23/2016 11:53:31  Hits: 111
Top Lockers Company held its Year-end Banquet. Last is special and more magnificent because 2015 was the 10 years' anniversary year of Top Lockers.

The party was begun with a single song from Top Lockers Personnel Department named "Loving Family". Everyone of Toplockers was enjoying big meal when listening the melodious music “Because we are a family and a family loves each other.” Everyone felt warm and united. 

The second part was "A Speech from CEO". Mr. Lin, the CEO of Top Lockers said that Top Locks was a big family as the song sang. The past 10 years was the stable foundation for Toplocks. The next 10 years, 20 years, 30 years or even more years would be the show time for Top Locks. Top Locks would have a brighter prospect. Top Lock had already realized overfulfilled output in 2015. 

The third part was the prizing time. Mr. Lin, the CEO, presented award to the champion team in basketball match, Excellent Team on working, Full Frequently Award, Best Newcomer Award and Outstanding Individual. Achievement of Top Locks in nowadays should be contributed to the supports from our hardworking workers. They deserved out thanks and praise. 

The forth part was the art performance. Every department carefully prepared entertainment programs for the evening party. Everyone enjoyed diversified performances, such as vocal solo, short sketch, dance, taekwondo and poem recitation, etc. How versatile the Top Locks is! In the atmosphere of harmony, we had an episode of birthday celebration, with the music of Happy Birthday Song playing.

The last part is the most thrilling one – "Lucky Draw". Total 66 pieces of munificent premiums were various kinds of utility household appliances. And the grand prize was ¥5188. Personnel Dept. wrote every name card, and threw all the name cards in a box. In terms of the principle of the fair and justice, representative on behalf of the leadership draw name cards from the box. God reward the diligent. The grand prize was captured by Chao Xiangyu in Milling Gear Room. What a considerate and generous leadership of Top Locks is. 

Unconsciously, the party drew to the end. The last program was a chorus "I Do Believe" from Make Sales Team. Just as the song singing, we all believe the future of Top Locks will be more glorious. 

We will contribute our little energy to make Top Locks develop and flourish. Wish a more bright future of Top Locks and best wishes for all customers and friends.
Top Lockers Company Held Year-end Banquet
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