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Plastic Furniture shows Diversification & Subdivision
Posted: 08/11/2016 04:10:50  Hits: 106
In recent years, plastic furniture on the market shows the trend of diversification and subdivision. Plastic furniture follows changing of consumers' concept. Plastic furniture is gradually specialized and diversified. New products update cognitions to plastic furniture as high price and quality, entering into high-class market.

Newly published data show that from January to June in 2016, total output of plastic products in China was 34.7185 million tons, increasing by 6.38% on year-on-year; among that, output in June was 6.8296 million tons, growing by 8.74% compared with same period in 2015. The monthly growth rate of plastic products output recovered in continuous 3 months.

Plastic furniture on market is always attracting consumer by low price and light weight. Large numbers of customers consider plastic furniture as low price when they refer to the furniture. With the changing of consumption concept and specialization and diversification of furniture demands, the new products released by some furniture brands refresh customers’ cognitive concept to plastic furniture again as the feature of high price, high quality, fashion design and multi-colors. Plastic furniture which is previously always focusing on low-end mass market also enters into high-end market.

Plastic furniture is not always having the advantage of low price. Unique design and high quality also can meet demands of some high-end customers. According to market research data, 72.73% of interviewees are will to purchase plastic furniture, and 9.09% of consumers show they must choose plastic furniture. In addition, 18.18% of consumers still have definite tendency for purchasing plastic furniture though their standpoint is unclear. Beside, the main reasons why consumers choose plastic furniture is that plastic furniture has beautiful modeling, light weight. The followings are natural colors, comfort and leisure, healthy environmental markets, stronger practicability and other factors. So, plastic furniture market located at high-end customers also has larger development potential.

Plastic furniture is not low-end products any longer. Environmental awareness of modern customers is constantly enhancing. Nevertheless, the attraction from plastic furniture having fashion design, gorgeous colors and convenience for maintenance to customers is larger and larger. Most of plastic furniture has bright color, fashion design, especially simple style which is easily welcomed by young customers. Experts say that aggravation of industrial competition promotes plastic furniture brands to constantly update. Market strategy has been developed from low-end mass market to high-end market. At present, environmental protection and recyclability of high-end plastic furniture is welcomed by customers.

Plastic Furniture shows Diversification & Subdivision
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