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Plastic Furniture Leading the Fashion in the Industry
Posted: 07/22/2015 11:27:11  Hits: 558
Recently, the survey of some furniture stores indicate that brand and categories of plastic furniture has increased significantly compared to previous years. The prices of hot products showed a polarized tend, and plastic furniture market is going hot. It is undoubtedly indicates a new direction for the development of lockers enterprise.

Recently, according to the statistics from China Plastics Processing Industry Association, from January to June, 2015, domestically the total output of plastic was 34.7185 million tons, a 6.38 % increase over the same period last year. In June, it was 6.8296 million tons, 8.74% increase year-on-year. As an important part of plastic products, plastic furniture market showed a diversified and subdivided trend in recent years. A variety of plastic furniture became a "fast fashion" trend according to the investigation about some furniture stores.

Market research shows that 72.73% people are willing to purchase plastic furniture and 9.09% consumers firmly will choose it, while 18.18% consumer have little inclination to plastic furniture. The main reason why customers are willing to purchase plastic furniture is that plastic furniture are light, convenient, colorful, comfortable and practical. Now, many wardrobe brands also launch plastic products. We believe that with the development of plastic furniture, plastic lockers market will be brilliant.

In the past, when refer to plastic furniture, most customers will think of cheapness. Now, customers have changed their minds and their needs become unique and diversified. Some furniture brands promote kinds of plastic furniture with characteristics of high quality and fashionable appearance. For lockers producers, they should make the design more innovative in order to cater young customers' taste. Meanwhile, producers need to improve their technique so that the quality of products can be fully guaranteed. 

Nowadays, plastic furniture is increasing its attractiveness to consumers and the producers should seize the opportunity. The popularity of plastic furniture may be a new direction for lockers.

Plastic Furniture Leading the Fashion in the Industry
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