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Plastic Furniture Becoming the New Trend
Posted: 02/24/2016 02:04:11  Hits: 172
Due to delicate modeling, light weight, gorgeous colors, comfort, healthy materials and high utility, plastic furniture is gradually becoming the new trend in furniture industry. It is reported that 72.73% of interviewees show that they are will to purchase plastic furniture. Plastic furniture having fashion and unique beauty is blending in our home life.

Presently, the categories of plastic furniture suitable for family are out of count. Dining table, cabinet, ricer box, locker, washstand and shoe rack not only have utility, but also are decoration which can beautify room. 

For example, plastic table and chair are welcomed by children for their fresh colors, light weight and optional collapsibility. Moreover, plastic table and chair cannot hurt children. They can increase a lot of joys in daily life of children.

Compared with traditional woody lockers, plastic lockers have more patterns. It is very convenient for opening or moving lockers. Collocation between color and modeling is quite harmonious. What’s more, plastic bureau is lasting and light. Besides clothes, some beloved small parts also can be stored in bureau. And the bureau is more convenient for drying clothes which have been stored for a long time.

In recent years, plastic furniture shows the trend of diversification and subdivision. With consumption concept changing and specialization and diversification of requirement for furniture, plastic furniture is popular among the youth. Designers and furniture manufacturers release plastic furniture products full of time elements in succession. Plastic furniture is gradually becoming a market seized by furniture giant. 

In recent years, plastic furniture can be commonly seen at the iSaloni Furniture Show in Milan. Plastic furniture is gradually popular in developed countries. With environmental protection concept strengthening, some excellent designers permeate their edgy design concept in to the design of plastic furniture, completely combining utility and aesthetic function of furniture.

For the updating of requirements for environmental protection, the age that plastic takes place of wood has come. With adventurous color application and fashionable design style, plastic furniture is gradually becoming the new trend in furniture industry. Recently, various brands constantly release their high and mid grade plastic furniture products. Market strategy of plastic furniture develops from low-end mass consumption to high-end consumer market.
Plastic Furniture Becoming the New Trend
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