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Green Barriers Affecting Plastic Furniture Enterprises
Posted: 07/12/2016 03:40:55  Hits: 59
Export plastic furniture from China to EU and the U.S. accounts for 54% of total value of export of furniture. EU and the U.S. are the largest furniture export market for China.

However, green barriers coming out have great influences on Chinese furniture enterprises. Firstly, on July 1, 2011, the U.S. carried Composite Wood Products Formaldehyde Standard Bill, strictly limiting formaldehyde emitting quantity of wood products sold or wholesaled in the U.S., which was the most rigorous standard for formaldehyde emitting quantity around the world. Secondly, on March 3, 2013, EU constrainedly carried out Woods and Wood Products Regulations and New Environmental Design Instruction. The instruction requires that all of manufacturers on the chain of manufacturing, processing and sale of woods exported to EU must acquire FSC Certification (Forest Certification) while it is not easy for enterprise achieving FSC Certification. At present, there are only 10% authenticated woods wood around the world and woods on Chinese market which can be authenticated are less than 1%. It means that once one part of product fails to reach the standard, the whole product will not be able to enter into European market.

Facing with green barriers, enterprises must invest large amounts of capitals and manpower for technical transformation, improving environmental quality. Meanwhile, costs of related inspection, test, authentication and public relation and other relative costs are also growing. Costs of export products will increase significantly. Adding with prices of raw materials and labor cost in China increasing, RMB appreciation and other pressures, Chinese plastic enterprises are facing with the cold winter of sales.

Under such situation, Inspection and Quarantine Department recommends that accelerate updating, optimizing industrial structure and improving core competitiveness; focus on innovation, establishing own brands having proprietary intellectual property rights; carry out green industrial route, permeating green idea into the design of products; adjust partial suppliers and reselect raw materials meeting authenticated requirements. For example, blossoming plastic furniture is a better choice.

Compared with woods furniture, plastic furniture has extremely strong plasticity which can be processed into shape. Meanwhile, plastic furniture has abundant colors, which can decorate habitable rooms when skillfully matching with other furniture. Above all, plastic furniture can be recycled, which decreases pollution to environment as much as possible. This is an advantage for modern paying high attention to environmental protection and quality of lives undoubtedly. The advantage also attracts more and more attentions from furniture designers and manufacturers. Plastic furniture does not only represent low prices, but also stand for unique elegant taste and new delight of life. From Salone Satellite in recent years, return of plastic furniture trend can be felt. Plastic furniture will shine on Chinese furniture market.

When people is in pursuit of rosewoods and leather, plastic, the obscure material appears on the stage which shows that low carbon economy has already permeated into every industry, forced by political and economic environment. 

Furniture is not only a material product, but also a kind of artistic creations. From simple necessity of life to decorating living environment, furniture is gradually playing a key role in people’s lives. Just as plastic furniture being widely applied on market with diverse appearances and vary practical characters, although market demands are constantly changing and improving, products can be chosen by market under the situation that start from providing convenience to people and constantly develop new function, ensuring product quality meanwhile. Plastic furniture can have a bright prospect and have more opportunities for developing.

Green Barriers Affecting Plastic Furniture Enterprises
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