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Building A Great Team
Posted: 02/13/2015 02:07:57  Hits: 219
Create an atmosphere of fun, success, and unique mission. If you want to win, you have to have fun. People don't have fun when they are losing. They also don't have fun if they are blamed for failures, backstabbed in communication, or treated poorly. So, eliminate poor methods of management and replace them with empowering methods of communication. People will rise to the occasion when you empower them. 

How do we empower others? Let them know the expectation, create a sense of fun, urgency, and doing something special, and then coach them by letting them know they are believed in, supported, and will be looked after. How many sheep will stay in a flock where the shepherd drives one out from being in a bad mood? Like the good shepherd, look after your strays, bring them back in, feed them, and love them. Yes, love your employees. On 29.June, sales department of our company went to DONGSHAN ISLAND OF ZHANGZHOU. We believe our team would be better and better.

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