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ABS Locker Will Promote Industry Revolution
Posted: 01/29/2016 11:58:51  Hits: 247
As the great development of locker industry in recent years, more and more manufacturers have stepped into this area, which lead to more fierce competition among domestic market. Many manufactures lower their price at the cost of lower quality, which has lead to the series of problems such as mildew, rusty, corrupt, making the buyer change the bathhouse wardrobe, staff locker, bath locker and so on. It not only caused loss of unit economic loss to buy new wardrobe, but also affect customers, especially enterprise image.
As the above problems keep popping up, revolutionary methods have been taken in locker manufacturing. Our factory adopted ABS engineering plastics as raw material, with large steel mould injection molding of plastic locker, and USES the nylon hinge, completely solving the mildew, rust, rot and a series of problems, and our products include a swimming pool lockers, water park lockers, all plastic wardrobe, coal mine locker, etc.).
Across the international markets, it is still at the fledgling stage, a lot of things need to be explored first. What we do is to understand foreign customers' real need. As the speeding up of free trade integration, brand internationalization will see a great prospect in the future, and the Chinese would buy things abroad, and foreign customers also like Chinese brand, so where there is an customer, there are us.

ABS Locker Will Promote Industry Revolution
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