Methods to Get Rid of ABS Plastic Locker odor
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If peculiar smell arise from ABS plastic locker, how do you deal with it? Here are some steps to clean the smell in plastic locker:
(1) Use rice water to clean out the smell: take soft cloth dipped in the rice water, and add a little white vinegar, wipe the surface of ABS plastic lockers. This method is very effective;

(2) Put a gauze bag of 50 grams of tea into the locker, and after a month, make the bag expose in the sun, then put it with gauze and put into the locker again. Repeat the step, the smell in locker can be removed;

(3) Use a clean cotton towel, and fold neatly in an ABS plastic lockers. The micro hole in the towel can absorb the smell in ABS plastic locker. Days after, take out the towel and wash it in warm water. After drying, it can be used again;

(4) Use tea water or vegetable water to get rid of smell: wiping with a clean soft cloth dipped in tea water (or vegetable water) can not only reduce the smell in ABS plastic locker, but also can make the ABS plastic locker brighter;

(5) Use milk to get rid of the smell: boil the milk and poor it into the plate, and then put the plate into the locker with some newspapers or cloth (lest the milk spill over). After closing the door for five to six hours, there will be no more smell. After taking out the milk, you should open the locker for a while, lest the steam and moisture in the locker still remain in it.

Methods to Get Rid of ABS Plastic Locker odor
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