How to Clean Plastic Locker?
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For small house, how to clear up various sundries is a problem. Those sundries cannot only be placed tidily by categories, but also should be taken in time when need them. The plastic locker is the best solution. Plastic locker is a popular furniture product having low price and beautiful appearance. 

Clean plastic locker
Firstly, the plastic locker should be cleaned and washed regularly. If the plastic locker has been used for a period of time, the locker must be cleaned so that tidy home environment can be maintained. During cleansing, it is better to wash the plastic locker. Use wet duster cloth to wipe the plastic locker clean, then, use a dry cluster cloth to wipe the locker dry, preventing water from remaining on locker which easily results in corrosion of plastic locker. Besides, it is also disadvantageous for the stored substance. After plastic locker having been cleaned up, put substances back which have originally been stored inside the plastic locker. 

Secondly, the plastic locker should be prevented from contacting with corrosive gas and liquid, in case of the locker being corroded. In general, locker is made of iron, wood and plastic. Three kinds of the materials are afraid to contacting with corrosive substances. So, contacting with corrosive gas and liquid should be prevented. In addition, remained water also should be avoided, because water can easily break plastic locker. 

Lastly, the surface of plastic locker should be avoided being scratched. To maintain plastic locker, bright color of plastic locker should be kept. First of all, the plastic locker should be prevented from contacting with sharp substances, then, when clean the locker, it is better to choose softer cloth, in case of scratching the surface of plastic locker.

Store frame of plastic locker is a kind of storage racks which can store toiletries, tower and other substances, having features of convenience, recycling and fashion. It is a common household store rack which can be placed in washroom, bathroom or living room. Store frame is mainly classified into multi-level store frame, folding store frame, attached store frame and automatic store frame. 

For house or dormitory having smaller space, plastic locker is an essential item, which is able to take full advantage of space to contain more living items. Besides, plastic locker also can decorate household environment. No matter for plastic locker or business locker, carrying out cleaning and maintenance for the locker is necessary. 

In general, due to the universality of plastic locker, the plastic locker has low price. Even products with famous brand also have an acceptable price, having features that combine price and utility. No matter at home or in dormitory and office, plastic locker is a good choice. However, customers should know about the locker and their own requirements before purchasing.
How to Clean Plastic Locker?
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