Heavy Duty Plastic Locker, HDPE, Rotomolding, Water Proof
Heavy Duty Plastic Locker, HDPE, Rotomolding, Water Proof
Short Description
 Model No.: T-H385XXL, T-H385L, T-H385M, T-H385S    Hits: 800
China Heavy Duty Plastic Locker Manufacturer: Heavy Duty Plastic Locker, High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Rotomolding, Water Proof, for Hospital.

Key Specifications / Features

Name: Heavy Duty Plastic Locker.

Series: T-H385XXL, T-H385L, T-H385M, T-H385S. 
Material: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE).
Colors: Red, Yellow, Navy Blue, Coffee, Green, Gray.
Technology: Rotomolding.
Features: Water Proof, Corrosion Proof, UV Proof, Vandal Proof, Ice Spray Proof, Bacterial Proof (6P).
Application: Water-park, Beach, Swimming Pool, Gym, Spa, Stadium, Hotel, School, Resort, Food Factory, Hospital, Mining Area, Construction Site, etc.

Our heavy duty plastic lockers have unique advantages compared to traditional metal & wood lockers. With the material of high density polyethylene (HDPE), the production process of roto-molding and the advanced design concepts, heavy duty plastic lockers are made extremely strong as well as vandal-proof and are the ideal choices for both outdoor and indoor environments such as the water-park, beach, swimming pool, gym, spa, stadium, hotel, school, resort, food factory, hospital, mining area, construction site, etc., which have strict quality requirements on the lockers.

Patent Design
  Adjustable Shelves with Various Storage Spaces
  Multiple Locksets for Different Security Needs
  Wide Range of Locker Door Color Choices
  Eco-friendly, Recyclable
  Washable, Clean, Healthy
  Red, Yellow, Navy Blue, Coffee, Green and Gray

T-H385XXL Series:

T-H385XXL: H1810 x W385 x D500mm
T-H385XXL/2: H856 x W385 x D500mm
T-H385XXL/4: H406 x W385 x D500mm
T-H385XXL/8: H181 x W385 x D500mm

T-H385L Series:

T-H385L: H910 x W385 x D500mm
T-H385L/2: H406 x W385 x D500mm
T-H385L/4: H181 x W385 x D500mm

T-H385M Series:

T-H385M: H610 x W385 x D500mm
T-H385M/2: H256 x W385 x D500mm


T-H385S: H450 x W385 x D500mm

Locker Options:
Base Board (Height 100mm) Slanting Top
Adjustable Shelf Hook
Clothes Rod Door Number Plate
Stainless Steel Panel  


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