Frequently Asked Questions About ABS Plastic Lockers
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ABS plastic locker (commonly known as plastic locker, full plastic locker), is formed of ABS resin material by an injection-molding technique of large-scale injection molding machine. ABS plastic locker is natural, moisture-resistant, corrosion-resistant and abrasion-resistant, non-toxic and odorless. What’s more, it has characteristics of brilliant color and colorfastness, never rust and long service life.

1. Q: what is ABS? 
A: ABS resin is the most widely used polymer. It organically fuses the properties of PS, SAN and BS, with good mechanics performance of toughness, hardness and balanced firmness phase. ABS is a terpolymer of acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene: A means acrylonitrile; B means butadiene, S means styrene.

ABS resin has high strength and some of its characteristics will be improved after injection molding, such as impact resistance, hardness and aging resistance. It is also known as the plastic steel because the strength is close to steel. 

2. Q: In addition to the impact resistance and high strength, will ABS plastic has other properties? 
A: ABS plastic has excellent comprehensive performance: non-toxic, odorless, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, electrical performance, wear resistance, chemicals resistance, dyeing property, better for moulding and machining processing. ABS plastic is resistant to water, inorganic salt, alkali and acid, insoluble in most of the alcohol and hydrocarbon solvents. 

3. Q: what is the size of ABS lockers? 
A. Multiple sizes for choice.

4. Q: What color is Top ABS lockers? 
A: There are over 10 colors for choice for lockers'doors. The Locker's body is grey (standard colour, other color could be customized, but it requires a MOQ); we also accept customized other colors MOQ is 500pcs each types, price is according to the customized QTY. 

5. Q: How to assemble ABS lockers? 
A: Simple and quick installation. No need any screws, mortise and tenon joint structure. It's like to assemble Lego blocks.

6. Q: If people can make full use of the space of ABS plastic locker? 
A: Yes, for example, to add a layer board for putting shoes, hats and other small items.

7. Q: What kind of locks can ABS locker match with? 
A: Electronic lock, mechanical lock, spin lock, padlock or no lock. 

8. Q: How much do Top ABS lockers weigh? 
A: All types of locker single door G.W. is less than 15kg.

9. Q: What is the impact tolerance data of ABS lockers? 
A: Our ABS locker has passed SGS quality inspection; Lockers top can bear 12000kgs weight.

10. Q: How long is the warranty period? 
A: The warranty period is 3 ~ 5 years and the service life can reach more than 10 years. ABS plastic lockers solved the problems of corrosion, rust and short service life that occurred in wood, steel lockers for a long time. It is suitable for all kinds of swimming pool, fitness center, sauna, coal mine, iron ore mine, schools, factories and other places.

ABS Plastic Lockers 
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