ABS Formability
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This technical article introduces the formability of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene.

1. Amorphous materials, which has medium flowing ability, moisture absorption. It must be fully dried, and shiny plastic parts must be long preheating dry 80-90 degrees for 3 hours;

2. You should choose high material and modulus temperature, but when it reaches 270 degrees, it is easy for it to be resolved. For plastic parts which have high precision requirement, die temperature should be 50 to 60 degrees. For high gloss or heat resistant plastic parts, it should be 60-80 degrees;

3. If there is weld line to be handled, you should improve the mobility of materials, adapt high material or modulus temperature or change water level;

4. If you use heat resistance or flame retardant materials, after 3 to 7 days production the mold surface will has residual plastic decomposition, which may cause mould surface bright. You can clean the die, and its surface should have more exhaust location;

5. Material temperature has a greater influence on the quality of plastic parts: low temperature will cause the lack of material, matt surface and silver disorder, while material high temperature easily overflow edge with silver filaments and plastic color bubbles;

6. Die temperature has great impact on the quality of plastic parts, when it is low, the shrinkage rate, elongation and impact strength are large, while flexural, compressive and tensile strength is low. Plastic mould temperature over 120 degrees, plastic parts cooling will be slow, which is easy to deform or sticky mold, remolding difficulty with long molding cycle;

7. Small molding shrinkage will easily lead to melt cracking and produce stress concentration, so the molding processing should be strictly controlled after molding plastics proper annealing treatment;

8. High melting temperature with high viscosity is not sensitive to shearing action, and for more-than-200-grams plastic parts, you should use screw injection machine, nozzle should be heated and adapt medium to high speed.

ABS Formability
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