ABS Five Performance
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This technical article introduces five performance of ABS plastics, including general performance, mechanical property, and thermal performance, etc.

General performance
Plastic ABS is non-toxic, tasteless, ivory and translucent, and it is transparent granular or powder. Density is 1.05~1.18g/㎝3, shrinkage rate is 0.4%~0.9%, the elastic modulus value is 2Gpa, Poisson’s ratio is 0.394, hygroscopicity is less than 1%, the melting temperature is 217~237 ℃ and its thermal decomposition temperature is larger than 250℃.
Mechanical property
Plastic ABS has excellent mechanical property and impact strength, so it can be used under low temperature; plastic ABS does not only have good wear resistance and dimensional stability, but also have oil resistance. Therefore, it can be used for medium load and low speed of the bearing. ABS creep resistance is larger than the PSF and PC, but smaller than the PA and POM.
Thermal performance
Plastic ABS thermal deformation temperature is 93~118 ℃. After annealing treatment it can also increase around 10℃. Under - 40 ℃ ABS can still show some toughness and can be used in 40~100 ℃ temperature range.
Electrical property
ABS has excellent electrical property and can hardly be influenced by temperature, humidity and frequency, which can be applied in most environments.
Environmental performance
Plastic ABS is not affected by water, inorganic salt, alkali and acid, but is soluble in Ketones, Aldehydes and chlorinated hydrocarbon, which will corrode by ice acetic acid, vegetable oil, leading to yield stress cracking. ABS has poor weather resistance, and it is easy to produce degradation under the action of ultraviolet light; in outdoor after six months, its impact strength will decline for a half.
PC/ABS reworked material is a kind of important engineering plastics alloy, which is widely used in automotive, electrical and electronic, office and communication equipment, etc. Nowadays, in order to meet the special requirements for fire safety of application domain (especially the electrical and electronic products), the technology of flame retardant PC/ABS alloy become the research hot spot. But with the progress of science and technology, there are more and more requirements of environment friendly material and the traditional halogen flame retardants damage has become increasingly apparent. In engineering, ABS is widely used in engineering pipeline and requirements for material in the municipal higher bottom piping generally can adopt ABS piping project.

ABS Five Performance
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